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Important Articles from “The Hindu” 10/1/2018

GS 2

The Great Game is not a zero-sum deal

India and China can work together, bilaterally and in multilateral groupings, to build a secure Afghanistan

Korean consensus?

Kim Jong-un’s visit to China is likely to force next steps after the Singapore summit

A question of citizenship

More than 33 years after an anti-foreigners’ agitation from 1979 to 1985, Assam is in turmoil again — this time because of the Modi government’s bid to get the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 passed in Parliament.

Parliament passes Bill to provide 10% quota for poor

Parliament on Wednesday cleared the Constitutional Amendment Bill guaranteeing 10% quota in education and employment to economically weaker sections in the general category, following an approval by the Rajya Sabha.

Judicial evasion and the status quo

In high stakes cases, the Supreme Court must ensure that judgments are timely and clear

GS 3

A ‘bio-safe’ way to fight mosquitoes

Scientists in the United States said on Tuesday they had taken a major step toward developing a “mosquito birth control” drug to curb the spread of malaria and other killer diseases blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths a year.

The space race

China’s recent achievement could trigger yet another rivalry with the U.S., this time in outer space

GS 4

Why Adam Smith favoured public education

Contrary to public opinion, Smith presupposed the government provision of legal infrastructure, defence, transport infrastructure and education for the proper functioning of liberal capitalism.

‘Talks at ISC need to be vetted by serious committees’

The meeting needs to become smaller in order to be better organised; eminent scientists who come should be required to stay the whole time


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