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Shruti Sharma IAS Topper, AIR-1, UPSC CSE 2021
Shubham Kumar AIR-1, UPSC CSE 2020
Pradeep Singh AIR-1, UPSC CSE 2019
Sanjita Mohapatra AIR-10, UPSC CSE 2019
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Batches are running


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Available Courses for IAS Coaching in Gurgaon

For Free Counselling & Courses Details

Sr. Types of Courses and Features
1 Prelims cum Mains (GS only)
2 GS – Integrated(Prelims GS + Mains GS + Essay + CSAT + Test Series)
3 Combined Package GS (Integrated) + English + Optional
4 Optional Subject(Geography/ Sociology/History/Pol.Sc.)
5 Prelims Test Series
6 Mains Test Series
7 Foundation (GS) for 1 Year
9 Current Affairs

Batch Timings for Civil Services Coaching in Gurgaon:

Sl. No. Batches Days
1 Morning Monday to Friday
2 Evening Monday to Friday
3 Weekend Classes Saturday and Sunday
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Why Choose Us

Delhi – The ‘Mecca’ of UPSC preparation is the home of numerous Civil Service Coaching Institutes. Every year, lakhs of budding aspirant arrive to the city with a dream to become a ‘BUREAUCRAT’. This is the place where aspirants not only learn the nuances of UPSC, but also witness behavioral changes in their personality and attitude, largely owing to the competitive environment, one gets to witness in the streets of the coaching hubs. VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY, without a whisker of doubt is one of the best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi. The reason, we say so comes down to certain unique features which makes us stand out from the rest. They can be summarized as follows:

Every UPSC Aspirant must definitely have pondered about the importance of UPSC Coaching before starting the UPSC Preparation. UPSC CSE is one of the toughest examinations of the country and in order to crack it, everything must be crystal clear before starting the journey. To begin with, it takes a lot of courage to take up UPSC Preparation as a career choice and it’s a recurring learning process. The Preparation in itself is a wholesome journey that tends to provide a peculiar insight into every aspect of our lives and the society we live in.

Finding answers to the question, why IAS Coaching is important is quite crucial. IAS Coaching in Gurgaon is the best tool which can prove to be an able helping hand for the aspirants to wave through the sea of UPSC Syllabus. What IAS Coaching brings to the table is that it distinguishes between the topics to focus on and the topics to be left out. Down here, we will be focusing on the same aspects and how IAS Coaching can help you prepare for the UPSC CSE in a more efficient manner.

➤ Exam pattern and procedure

This is important to understand for an aspirant. Before appearing for any sort of examination, it is important to understand the examination itself and the expectations of the examiner. The UPSC Examination pattern is designed in such a way that a candidate can analyze everything possible and from the results, the overall knowledge of a candidate can be assessed. The UPSC CSE is conducted in 3 phases: Prelims, Mains and Personality Test. Each stage of the examination presents the aspirants with a unique set of challenges. As it demands high attention and knowledge, the presence o0f a mentor by the side can be very essential and such can be found at the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Gurgaon.

➤ Syllabus and Subject Analysis

The UPSC Syllabus is immensely vast. It is very much essential on the part of the aspirant to understand the syllabus completely and retain them in their mind as much as possible. What are the subjects and purpose of studying the subject? The Prelims stage is quite dynamic in nature and thus the study of subjects requires to be imbibed well with current affairs. The Mains Exam consists of 9 separate papers with each paper asking questions from a set of different subjects.. These papers are required to be generalized properly in order to avoid any sort of confusion. For prelims, one has to cover Polity, History, Economy, Art & Culture, Environment & Ecology, and Geography, International Relations, Science and technology followed by current affairs. Whereas for the Mains examination, the Prelims syllabus is to be supplemented with other topics such as Internal security, social justice, governance, world history, Ethics, society, language paper, options, etc. All the papers are unique and require an effective strategy to decode them. This can be achieved thoroughly under experienced faculties who are found in IAS Coaching Institutes in Gurgaon.

➤ Weightage Distribution

Although the subjects are defined for the examination, the weightage distribution differs every year. In some years, maximum weightage can be with History while in some other years, it can be with Economics or Current Affairs. It will be a wise option to go through the weightage distribution of various subjects through the previous year question papers to get a hold of the importance of various subjects in various stages of the examination. This is where the proper guidance of top coaching institutes in Gurgaon comes into play. The Institutes tend to do all the analysis and present a clearer picture of the examination for you.

➤ Important Booklist and Resources

The markets are flooded with UPSC study materials these days. You can find 10 different books of different publications and authors of a particular subject. Apart from the standard booklist recommended for the UPSC CSE, it is also important to supplement them with other relevant resources and study materials. The experienced mentors at the IAS Coaching Institutes in Gurgaon can help you out with the problem. Apart from that, the coaching institutes also provide their own study materials which can be a big time-saver as well.

➤ Smart Study Approach

Yes, UPSC demands dedication and patience for its examination. But slogging on the study table for hours in the wrong direction can be futile. The need of the hour is a smart-study approach. With such an approach, an aspirant can pick and choose the topics he must study and the ones which he can afford to ignore. It is a well-established fact that you need not be a master of all subjects mentioned in the UPSC Syllabus. Rather, it is advisable to focus on your strengths and an upto the mark knowledge on others. Such an approach can be fuelled by the experience of the coaching institutes who are apt in dealing with the proper nuances of this examination.

➤ Importance of Current Events and Affairs

The UPSC has designed the syllabus in such a way that an aspirant must think and work pragmatically over the reading concepts. Current Affairs can be inculcated with all the subjects and questions can be asked based on their applicability and features. Daily Newspaper reading and note-making from it can definitely give an edge but in terms of thorough preparation, the monthly and yearly compilation of current affairs released by the best Civil Services Coaching in Gurgaon can serve you in a better way.

➤ Getting hold of Effective Study Materials

Study materials are the bread and butter for UPSC Preparation. It ought to be the best so that your preparation for the UPSC CSE is optimum. The vastness of the UPSC Syllabus can only be covered by getting a grip over the relevant study materials. Coaching Institutes provide ample updated study materials based on the latest UPSC pattern so that aspirants won’t have to bother about their resources. All they need is to put all their dedication and hardwork towards achieving success.

➤ Study Routine & Time-Table

Time and again we have emphasized on the importance of an effective study time-table to make the best use of time in hand and be able to devote equal amounts of time to all the subjects mentioned in the UPSC Syllabus. Inspiration to develop a study routine can be drawn from the mentors of the coaching institute or the toppers which the Institute has produced in the recent years. They will help you out in designing and achieving smaller targets on a daily basis so that by the time of the examination, the aspirant is thoroughly prepared to tackle any type of question.

➤ One-on-One and Personalized Mentorship

The best UPSC Coaching Coaching Institutes in Gurgaon are the only places where students can get personalized attention to work on their weaknesses. VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY is leading the charts on these aspects. With relatively smaller batches, the faculties are able to nurture their students on a one-on-one basis. The students here are open to discuss and get their doubts cleared by the mentors anytime during or after the classes. This is by far the best way to extract the maximum from the UPSC Coaching Classes.

So, these are the reasons why UPSC Coaching is deemed important for a UPSC Aspirant. Besides these reasons, the IAS Coaching Institutes are the best places for self-analysis. A good know-how of oneself will boost the Aspirants’ performance, and work wonders for his/her confidence before the exam.

The Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Gurgaon always have the best and experienced faculties to deal with the students. These teachers can add up to the preparations of the aspirants with previous question paper analysis, note-making, time and stress management, consistency, regular status check of your preparations, revisions, and additional supplements required from an exam point of view. Effective Note-making is a very vital aspect of the entire examination process. Note-Making can come handy in last stage revisions and memorization.. A good Mentor can guide you throughout the note-making and the entire examination process.

Another very important aspect of the examination is time-management. Be it the examination or the preparation every aspirant finds himself/herself short on time. Short of time for preparation can ultimately lead to varied levels of anxiety and stress before the actual examination which is not good. But when an aspirant gets a good teacher to learn from, then the teacher takes care of the schedule and also the mental well-being. This is one of the most beneficial things about being a part of coaching.

Consistency should be imbibed in an aspirant’s daily routine and should be followed religiously so as to achieve desired success in competitive examination. Human beings have the tendency of failing in this part quite often. It gives you a proper clarity of the subjects and expands the horizon of one’s knowledge. In addition, it can also serve as a booster for your self-confidence while also motivating you to get the best results in the examination. Coaching Institutes are like a tonic to your UPSC Preparation. When embraced properly, it can create wonders.

There is another advantage of studying in a group of like-minded aspirants within a coaching institute. It creates a healthy competitive environment among the fellow aspirants while creating a studious atmosphere which will not let you feel lazy. Someone has rightly pointed out that ‘Your Environment is the reason behind your current state of mind’.

A good environment which one gets in a UPSC Coaching Institute develops self-discipline within the aspirant right from attending classes on time to on-time proper completion of the syllabus. Good coaching with a good environment, the presence of physical mentors, good support and motivation, easy access to the library, and classes in both online and offline modes, these are all what an aspirant requires to achieve success in the UPSC CSE. What else do you want then? Vajirao IAS Academy, the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Gurgaon possesses everything for the students. Join us today and together we will chase your dreams.

Your UPSC Success story is waiting to be written