Test Series

Program Objective:
This is a comprehensive and intensive ‘interactive’ postal / online / class room program focusing on sincere IAS Aspirants who will appear in Civil Service Exam . Our experts provide step by step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing. Our simple, practical and focused approach will help aspirants understand the demand of UPSC exam effectively. Our strategy is to constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic and give personalized attention to individual aspirants based on factors like core competence, availability of time and resource and the requirement of Civil Service Exam. Our Interactive Learning approach (Email / Telephonic Discussion with Experts) will continuously improve aspirant’s performance in the right direction.

  • Is strictly based on UPSC pattern
  • Helps you to assess your fundamentals as well as applied knowledge
  • Helps you choose the correct option with limited knowledge about the question
  • Prepares your mind to eliminate incorrect options
  • Program your thought process to counter tricky and correlated questions
  • Enables you to critically analyze your preparation
  • Improve your Examination Temperament
  • Gives you comparative analysis with other aspirants to identify your weak areas to work upon






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