Success Keys to UPSC CSE Preparation 2022

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The perfect key to start preparing for any exam is self-belief and the belief that you can definitely crack it with the understanding you have gained over the course of your preparations. The UPSC, vested with the task of identifying the brightest minds of the countries for various bureaucratic posts, conducts the Civil Services Examination every year. Through this examination, candidates are recruited to the higher civil services posts of the Government of India including the Administrative, Foreign, and Police services. The best IAS coaching institutes in Delhi train and prepare students to face the grind of the UPSC CSE.

UPSC Coaching busts the myth that you have to be a prodigy to crack this examination. This is simply an allegory to Plato’s Theory. The examination in essence expects the candidate to think and think as a bureaucrat and the thinking can only be acquired through dedicated preparation and patience. Therefore, the first and foremost advisable thing to do is to keep the book list for UPSC limited to not be a man standing on two boats.

The primary key to excelling in any examination is prior knowledge about the exam and a keen analysis of the UPSC Syllabus and the Question pattern, while it can be supplemented via a 7-step process. Basically, all best IAS coaching centre in Delhi, follow and advice their students to adopt very much the same 7-step process which includes the following:

Proper Analysis of the Examination:

Proper analysis of the examination right from the hours allotted to each paper to the tiers/levels of the examination is one of the foremost and basic important steps in UPSC Preparation. It is a 3-staged Examination process which required the analysis of the following:

  1. Tiers of the examination
  2. Time allotted to each section
  3. Marking Scheme
  4. Negative marking if stands

All-Round Knowledge about Various Subjects:

The UPSC Syllabus is typically very vast and thus a proper knowledge of the importance of various subjects and the weightage they ought to carry in both the Prelims and Mains Examination is important. This can be done by thorough analysis of the previous year papers which will also help in effective stratetization of the various topics and subjects.

Good Command over the UPSC Syllabus:

UPSC Syllabus includes topics from almost all the subjects, and aspirants can imagine ranging from Ancient History of Cave Man to today’s Space Science and Technology. The questions asked are analytical in nature for both Prelims and Mains which requires in-depth understanding of the concepts to answer. Although the syllabus is predefined by UPSC, a proper command over it will help an aspirant go a long way in their quest to crack this examination. This step includes the following:

Know-How of Booklist and Sources:

It is crucial to choose your sources wisely. Always stick to a minimal UPSC prelims book list and supplement them with the knowledge you get from current affairs. Current Affairs events and Daily Newspaper analysis is very much essential in UPSC Preparation as over the years the UPSC Question Paper is being prepared dynamically with a lot of emphasis on the current events of national and international importance. Attempt daily current affairs quiz uploaded by various institutes on their websites in order to gain confidence from the outset.

Proper Time-Table and Routine:

Formulation of a proper and daily strategic routine is important. A good and impactful time-table of 4 hours is more powerful than a monotonous 12 hours schedule. If this is supplemented with a night of sound sleep and a healthy meal then UPSC Preparation journey can turn out to be more joyous.

Consistency and Dedication:

Consistency and Dedication in the right direction are the two pillars of UPSC Preparation. For once the answer to certain questions can elude you in the examination but the dedication put forth in the preparation will never go in vain. It is important to dedicate several daily hours towards UPSC Preparation, but it is equally important not to exhaust yourself. While crediting yourself with small intervals and breaks can work as boosters. When you are preparing with the best IAS coaching institute in Delhi, you come to follow a set template over a period of time which is both consistent and smart. Apart from coaching, prepare your schedules in such a way that there remains ample scope for revisions as regards to each subject.

Proper Note-Making and Revisions:

The mere completion of UPSC Syllabus is futile if it is not supplemented with ample revisions. We humans as social animals are ruled by a definite forgetting curve. With passage of time, we tend to forget things which we have learned and thus periodic revisions of the topics covered are highly essential. USe the notes prepared during the preparation for revision while testing them through mock test series can be another option.

This 7-step approach can be easily accessed by a short addition of note-making strategy. As it is said the more you pen down, the better you learn.

And now it’s time to think about your aim to excel in UPSC-CSE. Well, there are many examples who have excelled in this examination even belonging to various streams such as tech, design, arts, commerce, etc. If you’re willing to start after 12th itself and you find arts thrilling you, you can choose Bachelors of arts with history and polity as one of the majors. Or you can jump to any stream of your interest and utilize your leisure time to decode the examination process. Ultimately a proper routine would help you fetch the results like nothing but a piece of cake.

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All the very best with your UPSC Preparations…!!!!