Half-Yearly Preparation Strategy for UPSC CSE

Half-Yearly UPSC Preparation Strategy

The UPSC has just recently successfully conducted the UPSC CSE Mains Examination 2022. The Exams by far would have brought smiles in the faces of a number of aspirants as seeing their efforts being rewarded and also some sort of heartbreak for many others too. Whatever may be the situation, it’s time to move on and get along with your UPSC preparation because – “Time, Tide and Life, waits for none”.

One particular relief for students who are not seeing themselves qualifying the Mains is that the UPSC CSE 2023 is scheduled to be conducted on 28th May 2023 i.e. aspirants need not have to go through the agony of preparing all over again and wait for the exams to happen for 1-year, instead a 6-month preparation period augurs well with them.

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So, how can one plan to ace the upcoming UPSC CSE with flying colors? Here, some of the general strategies, an aspirant needs to master to be able to be in the reckoning:

Basics First:

Having gone through the prelims paper of 2022, one can simply attribute to the fact that no matter what, you cannot ignore the importance of the basic and standard books i.e. the NCERTs, the Laxmikanths etc. The questions asked this time were purely analytical in nature and one needs to have a strong understanding of the basic concepts of each and every topic. This will help you in the longer run as in, for the Mains Examination so that more time after the prelims can be devoted towards Optionals and Ethics Papers.

Current Affairs Analysis:

Over the years, the UPSC has bent more towards asking more questions based on current affairs with the number of questions from static subjects on the decline. In 2020, almost 55% of the questions were from current affairs. Moreover, the static questions asked in the last 2 years were invariantly connected to some current happening of national/international importance. It would be better to cover the current affairs topics of the past one and a half years so as to be completely prepared to tackle the questions asked in the Prelims examination. Current Affairs are also going to help in substantiating your Mains answers with relevant examples. Going through the monthly current affairs from any single source would suffice. Revise all the current affairs topics properly before both the Mains and Prelims examination.

Preparation to be coupled with Note-Making:

Effective Notes for UPSC Preparation can be made both at the classroom and with self-study at home. Making class notes while in the classroom helps you to get along with the topics taught over there. It is equally important for you to create your own notes on different relevant  topics concerned with the exam, both static or current affairs topics. Your notes should never resemble a copy-paste work. It should be selective and only contain relevant information. Having handwritten notes ready by your side makes it easier for Revisions at any given point of time. For that matter, VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY, the best upsc coaching centre in Delhi has been preparing future bureaucrats of the country.

Organized Notes can be a Real Boon:

As mentioned above, the notes you prepare should not contain stories. It should be crisp, precise and to-the-point. Being organized helps big time. In order to achieve this, try creating separate copies for separate subjects or you can also place them together into different files. Get to use tables and flowcharts for better understanding and expressing your ideas in lesser words. Practicing making organized notes helps in answering the Mains questions within the stipulated word limit and time.


Majority of the aspirants tend to neglect the CSAT paper considering it to be only qualifying and so can be easily tackled. In essence, it is clearly not the case; an aspirant would not want to see himself/herself missing out on the UPSC Mains just because you flunked the CSAT paper. The best thing to do would be to invest atleast an hour or two daily for the CSAT paper. Be well-versed with the priority areas. Since 2013, the difficulty level of the paper has been increasing constantly and so you should start taking it more seriously during the preparation phase. Join the best civil services coaching institute in Delhi and get all the necessary guidance required to crack the UPSC CSE 2023.

Things which happen to you cannot be controlled, but to carry an attitude towards what has happened to you is all that matters.. In the course of UPSC preparation, there will be numerous occasions when it will seem that nothing is going well. It’s quite natural actually. It is a situation which demands patience and calmness from you while also holding a positive viewpoint all the time helps immensely.. After all, who all will go through such phases…??? The serious aspirants, right….!!!!! If you are feeling the heat, then believe us you are halfway there. Now it’s just a matter of how you hold up the things from there on.

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