Best Preparation Tips for OPSC OAS Interviews


The OPSC OAS Personality Tests are slated to commence from next week. Relief for some, as it is respite from the tedious day-in and day-out slogging with the books and nightmare for some with stage fear. Whatever it may be, you have to face it and perform to your fullest potential to advance.

OPSC Interview is basically a 30-60 minutes exercise aimed at analyzing the personality of a candidate. A good score in the interviews sometimes become a make or break situation into the final merit list. There have instances of many previous year toppers who, with their able performance in the Interview have been able to boost up their final rank significantly.

The Final Merit List is prepared by combining the sum total of marks obtained both OPSC Mains and the Interview. So, it is very important to work over your personality and be well prepared to tackle any question put before you by the Interview Board Members.

In this article, we will try to breakdown the OPSC INTERVIEW and bring to you the best preparation tips for the OPSC Interviews.

  1. Know Yourself and your Background:
    This is can be attributed as the single most important hurdle in clearing the OPSC Interview. Most of us cannot claim to know oneself completely. Human brain and personality holds a lot of trait and emotions. Some wonderful, while some horrendous. Everything cannot be changed all together but atleast the traits attributed to that of an OAS officer should be inculcated and anything negative to it should be suppressed.
  2. The Biodata Form:
    The Biodata you submitted to OPSC is the only document of information with the Interview Board about you based on which majority of the questions will be put forth. Make sure that, each and every piece of information provided by you are well revised and gone through, be it your hometown, state, previous jobs, graduation subject anything.
  3. Be Optimistic and Take a Neutral Stance:
    The prime attribute aspired in an OAS officer is that he should be impartial in rendering his services towards the society. He is the face of the state government of the day in the district and has to abide by their orders. Thus, a secular mindset will help the officer in taking decisions regarding a sensitive topic. While having an optimistic view makes you believe that there is always “light at the end of the tunnel” and such a thought process in adverse condition is key to deliver the appropriate judgment.
  4. Never bluff anything:
    Do see to it that your soft skills like speaking, sitting posture, eye-contact, and patience to listen are on point, these can do wonders for you in the interview room. Your knowledge and writing skills have already been judged. It is just a test of your personality. It is a test to access whether you fit can fit into the shoes of an OAS officer or not. The Interview Board consists of very highly experienced personalities. Never ever think of bluffing an answer or taking a wild guess. Even if you don’t know any answer, you can politely admit it and there is no harm in it.
  5. Prepare well on your Optionals and Graduation subject:
    Be prepared to tackle any kind of question related to your optionals and the graduation subject you opted for. They are the subjects chosen by you so are perceived to have a significant hold over it. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and developments related to your subject.
  6. Make use of common sense:
    Sometimes during the interview process the candidate are asked simple common sense questions but in the face of stress and nervousness, the common sense tends to desert the candidate. This is the situation where you have to keep a cool head and respond convincingly. Even this single response can take you through the list.
  7. Dress Neat and Proper:
    This is a big day in the lives of every OPSC aspirant. Leave no stone unturned in leaving a lasting impression on the interview board. The best way will be to dress neatly. For males, a light colored shirt coupled with a crisp black trouser. Tidy shoes and a formal tie will suffice. While in case of female candidates, they can opt for the traditional salwar-suit or saree, whichever they are comfortable in. The dress should be a reflection of your confidence..!!!
  8. Mock Interviews:
    Nothing less than just getting a feel of the actual interview, face atleast 3-4 interviews beforehand. Numerous OAS Coaching Institutes in Bhubaneswar are offering Mock Interviews in order to prepare the candidates for the actual test. Schedule it to set in with your preparation. You can still appear for the mock interviews in the last week to stay in that particular mindset as such when you sit in the actual interviews, your chances of being nervous are negligible. Remember, the mock interviews can be deceptive. Develop your confidence levels with it and reserve the best for the ultimate interview day.

To go by most of the OPSC aspirants who have been through this stage, claims the interview process to be friendly interaction of sorts. The only thing to worry about is that your dream of becoming a civil servant depends on this very process….!!!!

Just be truthful to yourself and your preparation and be confident in whatever you say. Rest will take its own course.

Pretty sure, we have made it loud and clear as to what goes behind a successful interview. We have done our part. Now, it’s all about. Go out there confidently and finish up the final chapter of your ‘Success Story’.

We, all VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY wish you all the very best for the OPSC Interview….!!!!

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