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6 Things to Follow In the Period between UPSC Main

UPSC CSE is one of the most prestigious and sought after examination in the country. As such the exam provides you with an opportunity to become a future bureaucrat and work with the Government machinery at the grassroot levels. Every year lakhs of aspirants apply to appear for the exam but only a handful of them are able to reach all the way to LBSNAA. Any successful aspirant will attribute his success to one aspect of UPSC preparation and that is – CONSISTENCY….!!!!!

UPSC being a year-long exam process, demands ample amount of consistency in preparation day in and day out. With this, we do not mean slugging aimlessly for 12-14 hours a day. Consistency means ‘being at it constantly’. Being regular and persistent in whatever one is doing is what basically defines this. Here, have a look at this article on the importance of consistency in UPSC Preparations:

  1. How one can achieve consistency in preparation?
    The UPSC is very vast, literally covering everything under the sun. There is Polity; there is History, Economics, Environment, Current Affairs etc. Before starting the preparations, one needs to have a solid study plan in place; the one which can be realistically covered so that in small pockets, consistency can be achieved over a period of time. In lieu of Civil Services Preparation, consistency can be attributed to the following:
  • Adhering to a proper study plan and time-table.
  • Daily Note-making from standard study materials and newspapers.
  • Daily answer-writing practice.
  • Devoting equal amount of time and importance for all the subjects.
  • Solving atleast 50-60 mock tests before the actual exam.
  1. Positive outcomes:
    Consistency in terms of UPSC preparations cannot be achieved within a blink of eye. Most the times aspirants start losing the zeal and interest within a few days. It’s very easier said than done. But believe when we see, consistency can make things possible which at the beginning seems improbable. To list out, the following positive outcomes can be achieved with consistency:
  • Gradually and slowly, you will be able to gain a sense of achievement and confidence which will in turn instill self belief in you.
  • With growth in confidence, one can also have a positive approach towards weaker or difficult areas with somewhat easiness.
  • Better time management.
  • Most importantly, you will be able to complete the syllabus in time and will have ample to devote towards revisions. As such you can also solve more number of mock tests before the actual exams.
  1. Development of consistency:
    As mentioned earlier, it cannot be achieved overnight. You have to hold your patience enough to gain the desired consistency. After all, UPSC is a game of perseverance. And what better way to get some..??
  • Always maintain the notion that, “this is possible, I can do it”. This positive intent will go a long way in your success story.
  • Time and again we have stressed on the aspect of having a solid study plan in place. There is no defined path to achieve success. Identify the best UPSC strategy for yourself and stick to it religiously.
  • Being ambitious is good but not very soon. Take it, one step at a time, one round at a time. Your main competition is with yourself only. Try defeating it gradually.
  • “Get inspired, perspire and then the whole world is yours to conquer”. Keep yourself motivated at times when you feel start feeling the burden and pressure of the exam. UPSC surely is difficult to crack but not impossible. Consistency teaches you this notion in times of distress.
  • No matter whether you attend coaching classes or not, but self-accountability and self-introspection are some of the virtues you should not miss. If you are unable to complete you targets on time, then introspect where you went wrong, rectify them and carry them. Do not repeat the same mistakes.

Some wise man once said, “Success is the sum total of all the efforts you put in repeatedly on a consistent basis”. You are only as good as you allow yourself to be; never get discouraged, never give up because consistency and dedication are the sure shot keys to success.

Deciding to prepare for UPSC CSE despite the well-documented hardships attached to it is in itself a very bold move. Consistency in preparations will sooner or later get you there. Being consistent is not only limited to providing you benefits for the exam but also in terms of life lessons this is one of the best virtues any person would need to acquire as so to be able to lead a life full of containment and happiness.

Never stop, keep going…!!!!!!

All the very best for your preparations…!!!

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