Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid during IAS Interview

Mistakes to Avoid during IAS Interview

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the most prestigious and sought-after career paths in India. It is a highly competitive examination that tests the candidate’s knowledge, aptitude, and personality. The final stage of the IAS examination is the interview, which is conducted by a panel of experts.

The IAS interview is a critical component of the selection process, and it can make or break a candidate’s chances of becoming an IAS officer. Therefore, it is essential to prepare well for the interview with the best UPSC Coaching Centre in Bhubaneswar and avoid common mistakes that can jeopardize your chances of success.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the common mistakes that candidates make during the IAS interview and how to avoid them.

Lack of Preparation

One of the most common mistakes that candidates make during the IAS interview is the lack of preparation. Many candidates assume that their academic knowledge is sufficient, and they do not need to prepare for the interview. This assumption is incorrect, and it can be fatal to your chances of success.

To avoid this mistake, you should prepare thoroughly for the interview. You should research current affairs and have a good understanding of the issues facing the country. You should also practice answering questions on various topics, including your academic background, work experience, and hobbies.

Do not let a lack of preparation ruin your chances of success in the IAS interview. Read on to discover other common mistakes to avoid.

Poor Communication Skills

Effective communication is crucial for success in the IAS interview. Poor communication skills can make it difficult for the panel to assess your personality and suitability for the job. Some of the common communication mistakes that candidates make include:

  • Failing to listen actively to the interviewer’s questions
  • Rambling on and on without getting to the point
  • Speaking too quickly or too softly
  • Using jargon or technical terms that the panel may not understand
  • To avoid poor communication skills, you should practice speaking clearly and concisely. You should also work on your listening skills and ask for clarification if you do not understand a question.


Overconfidence is another mistake that candidates make during the IAS interview. Some candidates assume that their academic achievements or work experience are enough to impress the panel. This attitude can be off-putting and can give the impression that you are not open to learning and development.

To avoid overconfidence, you should be humble and show a willingness to learn. You should also avoid making sweeping statements or criticizing the government or public officials.

Inappropriate Dressing

Your appearance is an important part of your overall presentation during the IAS interview. Wearing inappropriate clothing or accessories can distract the panel from your responses and make a negative impression.

To avoid this mistake, you should dress appropriately for the interview. You should wear formal attire, such as a suit or a salwar kameez, and avoid bright colors or flashy accessories.

Lack of Confidence

Finally, many candidates struggle with confidence during the IAS interview. It is natural to feel nervous or anxious, but letting your nerves get the better of you can be detrimental to your chances of success.

To avoid this mistake, you should practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, before the interview. You should also remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments and approach the interview with a positive attitude.

Now we can get started with the traits that a person should possess to get into the job of their dreams and how to polish yourself.

  1. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind – As usual, good health leads to a healthy mind and a physically fit healthy body adds well to a great personality. Have you ever wondered if a person who is too lazy to wake up in bed can make a difference in society? Now imagine an officer who is physically fit and tuned well, with a sharp mind.
  2. Communication – Communication is a way you deliver and express yourself to the public, higher authorities, and officials. Try to improve your communication skills. Try to be more polite, humble, and gentle while talking to anyone. Try to present yourself in the most polite but confident way possible.
  3. Confidence matters – Confidence is the ornament of your personality. If you’re confident enough in your words, my friend you are meant to be an officer.
  4. Your dressing and Positivity – Dress well and gently. Because you are an officer now. You must be as decent as possible. Positivity shall never leave your shadow, stay positive as much as you can. The public needs you and your positivity will act as their strength.
  5. Listening and people skills – Do you know how important listening is? An officer must pay a balance between the public and the officials and the system. He must listen to and understand the problems and concerns of the public. So, he must be good at people skills, empathetic, convincing, etc. Civil Service Coaching in Bhubaneswar provides training for all the required fields.
  6. Leadership and decision making – These indeed are the traits that an officer must possess. The idea of leadership is to come together with the officers and officials. Decision-making is a responsibility that is imposed on the district magistrate. You must practice thinking, learning, researching, and analyzing before making any decision.

If you have all the skills above then it’s time to polish them and shine in your job. Not everyone is born with all qualities. It takes time to start and habituate. What are you waiting for? Start today with basic communication aspects. Start practicing empathy, politeness, honesty, exercise, etc. Talk to people around you and figure out on your own what is right and what is wrong. If there are any loopholes, then how to correct them. Your confidence, intelligence, and behavior should flash in your personality. Starting today with the best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar, we don’t only prepare you for the pre and mains, we even guide our students for the personality test. Join us today and enhance your prep. All the best for your preparations! Keep practicing!