How to Write a Good Essay in the IAS Mains Exam?

IAS Essay Preparation Tips

The UPSC Mains Exam is a crucial stage in the journey to becoming a civil servant. It is the second phase of the examination that tests candidates’ knowledge, aptitude, and analytical abilities. The essay paper is one of the most critical components of the UPSC Mains Exam. It is a subjective paper that carries 250 marks and requires candidates to write two essays.

Therefore, writing a high-quality essay is essential to secure a high score in the IAS Mains Exam. In this blog, we will discuss the best strategies from the Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi to write effective essays in UPSC Mains.

Understand the Essay format

The first step towards writing a good essay is to understand the format of the essay. The essay in the IAS Mains Exam is a descriptive type of essay. The essay topic is provided, and candidates are required to write an essay on the given topic. Any Essay topic should start with an introduction, elaborate with a body and then end with a conclusion.

The introduction should provide a brief overview of the topic and the main points that the essay will discuss. The body should elaborate on the main points, providing supporting evidence and examples. The conclusion should summarize the essay’s main points and provide a final thought or opinion on the topic.

Read and Understand the Essay Topic

The next step is to read and understand the essay topic. The essay topic in the IAS Mains Exam is usually related to social, economic, or political issues. It is essential to read the essay topic carefully and understand what it requires. Candidates should also analyze the topic’s keywords and determine what they mean and how they relate to the topic.


The first step to writing a good essay is to understand the topic thoroughly. Read the topic carefully and try to understand what it is asking for. Analyze the keywords and try to figure out what the main theme of the essay should be. After understanding the essay topic, the next step is to research the topic. Candidates should gather as much information as possible about the topic, including relevant facts, statistics, and data. The research should be thorough and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the topic. Once you have understood the topic, start brainstorming ideas. Write down all the points that come to your mind related to the topic. Organize these points and try to form a structure for your essay.

Organize the Essay

Once the research is complete, the next step is to organize the essay. Candidates should create an outline of the essay, listing the main points that they will discuss in the essay. The outline should be well-structured, with each point logically leading to the next.

Write the Essay

With the outline in place, candidates can begin to write the essay. The essay should be well-written, with a clear and concise writing style. The essay should be divided into paragraphs, with each paragraph focusing on a single point. In the body of the essay, every paragraph should start with a topic sentence that introduces the main point of the paragraph.

Support the Argument

Throughout the essay, candidates should support their arguments with relevant facts, statistics, and data. They should also provide examples to illustrate their points. The arguments should be logical and coherent, with each argument building on the previous one.

Be Objective

Being objective is essential to writing an effective essay in the UPSC Mains Exam. The essay should be written in a neutral and unbiased manner. Candidates should avoid expressing personal opinions or biases. They should also avoid using emotional language or rhetoric. UPSC toppers from the best UPSC Coaching Centres in Delhi recommend writing in a clear and concise manner. Avoid using complex words and convoluted sentences. Any essay you write should be lucid to read and understand as well.

Use proper Grammar and Vocabulary

The essay should be written with proper grammar and vocabulary. Candidates should avoid using slang or informal language. They should also use proper punctuation and sentence structure. The essay should be easy to read and understand, with a clear and concise writing style. It is an important aspect of writing a good essay which is emphasized upon a lot by the best civil services coaching institutes in Delhi. Use examples to illustrate your point. Examples can make your essay more interesting and convincing. Make sure that your examples are relevant and help to reinforce your argument.

Revise and Edit the Essay

After writing the essay, candidates should revise and edit the essay. They should read the essay carefully and check for any grammatical errors or typos. They should also ensure that the essay is well-organized and flows smoothly. Candidates should also check that the essay answers the essay topic and that all the main points have been covered. It’s not necessary to write a lot to score well in the essay paper. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Write only what is necessary to convey your point of view.


In conclusion, writing a good essay is essential to secure a high score in the IAS Mains Exam. Candidates should understand the essay format, read and understand the essay topic, research the topic, organize the essay, write the essay, support the argument, use proper grammar and vocabulary, and revise and edit the essay. With these steps, candidates can write a high-quality essay that meets the requirements of the IAS Mains Exam.