How to Maximize Your Score in UPSC Prelims?

UPSC CSE Preliminary Examination is the very first stage in the run up to become the future bureaucrats of the country. Every year lakhs of aspirants prepare and appear for the exam but only a handful of them make to the LBSNAA, Mussorie. With increasing number of the aspirants taking up the exam, the competition level is also on the rise and so is the corresponding cut off marks. IAS Coaching in Delhi has become more prominent now ready to tackle any of the challenges thrown at the aspirants. The UPSC Prelims is more of a ‘Scrutiny Test’, where UPSC intends to screen out the majority of non-serious candidates in the first stage itself. The success ratio as lowly as 3 out of 100 demonstrates that you cannot take the prelims stage lightly and has to give a focused approach to clear the stage.

Following are certain tips and method to boost your prelims marks upto 120+:

  1. The ‘Obvious’ Things first:
    There is no denial of the fact that the NCERTs and Standard Books are the key one comes to scoring high marks. They lay the perfect foundation over which the ‘UPSC Dream’ can be built upon. The aspirants need to act smart, the preparation is not only about reading and mugging up dozens of book; it has more to do with the interlinking and in-depth understanding of wide range of topics both included in the books and also outside of it. For this you can find for real life examples and places for the topics which you have read in the standard books.
  2. Putting yourself to ‘TEST’:
    ‘PRACTICE’ is one of the most important words ought to be present in the dictionary of UPSC aspirants. No matter how much you study, if you do not test your knowledge with mock tests and previous year papers, then all of your hardwork will cost nothing more than a penny. The famous saying, “the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”, can be assumed to have supposedly made for the UPSC aspirants only. Get yourself a feel of the actual prelims exam beforehand so that so you do not end up finding yourself in unchartered waters right at the eleventh hour. Do not keep the notion in your mind that certain questions may directly come up from the test series. They may, or they might not. What you get from test is perfecting the art of attempting more and reducing your errors. Join the VIAPTS 2020 and get to practice with over 3000+ probable questions.
  3. Revisions:
    In the course of UPSC preparations in Delhi, you are sure to come across numerous aspirants in and around, who would claim to have gone through 10 different books on a particular subject. (We assume him of possessing super natural powers though…!!!! All we can say to them is ‘All the best’). Do not get terrified with such disturbances. If we are to learn a particular topic, we will read a single book ten times instead of going for 10 different ones and ending up confusing ourselves. This will you in times of Revisions, you will have lesser load to worry about. During your revisions focus on the weak areas and the most important areas from examination point of view.

These were certain things which you have to do before the exams. Now, let’s have a closer look at what all thing you can do in the actual examination, so as to boost up your prelims marks:

  1. Stay Calm:
    Once you enter into the examination hall, just stay calm, and do not panic. Most of the times it has been seen that, no single aspirant appearing for the prelims can claim to have known more than 30-35 questions with 100% surety and that too is he is well prepared. So, if it seems like you have not heard of such a question anywhere, it is highly possible that 95% of the aspirants have the same thought. What we can do in such a situation is to make educated guesses. If you are able to eliminate atleast 2 of the 4 given options, there is a 50% probability that you will tick the correct answer.
  2. ‘Measured Approach’:
    While attempting the questions adopt a stage-by-stage approach. At the first stage, scan all the questions and answer the ones which 100% sure of and then in the subsequent stages of scanning, attempt atleast 85-90 questions. In this way, go through the questions atleast 3-4 times within the 2 hours. We have always maintained that it is imperious to attempt close to 90 questions in order to stand a chance to have a crack at the UPSC Mains. And for this to happen you need to tick all the questions where you have atleast 33% of being correct (i.e. you are able to eliminate atleast 1 out of 4 options).
  3. No Random Guessing:
    Avoid making blind guesses for any of the question just to increase your number of attempted questions. Blind guesses are more often than not turning out to be wrong. This can severely impact your overall marking. Luck Factor does work in the UPSC Prelims. Just stay optimistic to extend that your logical deductions just comes out correct.

Getting high marks in the UPSC Prelims exam requires more than just knowledge to achieve. It as an interplay of a number of factors including – your patience, determination, ability to handle stress, presence of mind, clear thought process and above all self-confidence. All these traits can be developed in the course of your preparation. For now, just focus on completing the syllabus well on time so that you do not miss out on precious times for revisions. Improve with each passing day. Make new mistake, but do not repeat the same. Just don’t be afraid of failures and success will be keen to embrace you with open arms.

All the best for your UPSC Preparations…..!!!!!!!

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