5 Resolutions for Every UPSC Aspirant This Diwali

5 Resolutions for Every UPSC Aspirant This Diwali

DIWALI….The color of lights, is round the corner. Every Indian, be it young or old, residing in any part of the world must have nostalgic and fond memories of Diwali. The festival is presumed to be auspicious and held to bring prosperity into our lives.

Well, on the contrary being a UPSC aspirant you can celebrate this Diwali on your own way. Here, have a look at the “5 Resolutions for Every UPSC Aspirant this Diwali”.

For the starters, Resolution is something like a firm and strong decision to do or not to do something. UPSC tests you for everything…you knowledge, patience, capabilities everything. You have to be resolute enough to clear this exam.

  1. Get back to the syllabus:
    It happens with every aspirant. The vastness of the UPSC syllabus is such that, the aspirants tend to divert from the original target i.e. finishing the syllabus. Make sure, you don’t fall into the trap.
  1. Be more organized:
    Well, this is the cardinal rule for any aspirant.  So make it a point to streamline your preparation, make it a point to stick to your targets everyday. Keep your resources concise, study hard and we cannot see any other reason, why your name cannot appear in the merit list.
  1. Stay away from Procrastination:
    The desire to sit back and relax or not following your targets assuming you have loads of time, is one of the grave sin an aspirant can commit in the course of his/her preparation. Make sure nothing such creeps up your mind. Get going….. you are preparing for the most prestigious and one of the toughest exams in the country.
  1. Practice more and more test series:
    Every successful UPSC candidate you come across is it over internet or in person will stress on the importance more and number of mock tests. What are you waiting for then? Join All India Prelims Test Series 2020 (VIAPTS 2020) and analyze your UPSC proficiency with us.
  1. Follow Our Mantra…!!!
    Time and again Vajirao IAS Academy has stressed on a simple mantra to crack UPSC i.e. “Read, Write, Revise, Repeat”. Rest will follow its own course. Success…is bound to be yours.

So, this Diwali take these resolutions with us and write your own success story…!!!!!
Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali from all of us at VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY and all the very best for your UPSC preparation…!!!!!

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