September 28, 2023

October has settled in……Dussehra Celebrations are over….Now it’s time we get back to the grind of UPSC preparation 2020. October can be called as the ‘moving month’ (more like the Day 3 of a cricket test match!). It’s neither too late, nor too early to kick start your preparation for the UPSC CSE 2020. If you have already started, good for you and if not, then welcome to the grind fella!!!

UPSC Civil Service Examination, without a whisker of doubt is one of the most prestigious and toughest examination in the country. It requires lot of hardwork, focus and determination to succeed. But with a well thought plan, smart strategy and its proper execution, the grind can bemade easier. And attempting UPSC Prelims Mock Tests one of the key elements.

In this article, we will analyze as to what importance these mocks tests hold and how maximum benefit can be acquired from it.

Almost every UPSC topper you come across, be it in the internet or any interactive sessions, one common advice that you will hear from all of them is to attempt as many mock tests as possible before the actual exam. This is a tried and tested method not only to streamline your preparation but also to analyze yourself in terms of the UPSC standards. Following are advantages of attempting mock tests:

  1. Best Way to Revise Basics:
    Every aspirant preparing for the exam finds it tough to manage the vast syllabus of the exam. One needs to go through the whole syllabus atleast once and retain everything as well and what better way there can be other than mock tests. The tests will help you recall and recreate what all you have studied and further work on your weak areas too. Kind of a feedback mechanism…!!!
  2. Getting a Feel of the Actual Exam:
    Practicing mock tests presents you with a feel what to expect in the actual exam. The nervousness…….the pressure (Provided you are attempting them in a controlled environment!!). To manage these issues, aspirant needed to be tested in in an exam atmosphere with negative marking. This will go a long way in ensuring that there are no hiccups in the exam.
  3. Setting a Target Mark to Achieve:
    If you analyze the cutoff marks of the previous year Prelims exams, you will notice that there are appreciable fluctuations. While it was as high as 116 in 2016, it came down considerably to 98 in 2018. So you see, you need to set a target of atleast 120+ marks to clear the prelims hurdle. More and more mock tests ensures that you are able to reach there.

  4. Ensuring no Stone is Left Unturned:
    The UPSC Mock Test provides you with a window to cover all the relevant topics that could be asked in the Prelims exam. Be it current affairs, static or anything else. Even if you have no read about certain topics of, say current events, then the best way would be to get them done from the test series itself. All the mock tests come up comprehensive explanations for their questions. It can do wonders, if you see..!!
  5. Confidence Booster:
    UPSC preparation is a journey of ups and downs. Someday you lose, someday you win. IN this process Mock Tests can be your able ally. Performing well in these tests will act as great confidence boosters in times of distress. Try improving with each test and you will see, by the end of it, UPSC Prelims exam will seem to be just another one of them…!!! (But don’t ever fall for tall claims made by the coaching institutes regarding the number question in prelims that were straight from their test series).

So you see, attempting UPSC Prelims Mock Test Series holds a lot of importance as far as your success in the exam is concerned. “Practice makes a man perfect” and mock tests do ensure you do ample practice. After all, your selection in the merit list matters, start attempting mock tests and get battle ready to fight out the UPSC adversaries.

Stay tuned for further updates from Vajirao IAS Academy..!!!!

Till then…Think Positive and Stay Healthy…!!!!

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