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Which Newspapers and Magazines to read and how to read for UPSC Interview preparation

A civil service aspirant must be aware about the important current issues and happenings in India and around the world. Newspaper is the most important and relevant source to get information and in depth knowledge about current affairs. Newspaper reading is important for Prelims as well as Mainsand it becomes all the more significant while preparing for the Interview. It will help you in developing concept clarity, will keep you updated and aware and will help you connect various issues.

Choosing a Newspaper

It is suggested to choose any two or three out of the following and read it on a regular basis:

  1. The Hindu
  2. Indian Express
  3. Economic Times/Business Line
  4. Dainik Jagran
  5. Jansatta

From the above 5 newspapers, The Hindu is strongly advisable but try to supplement it with at least 2 more newspapers to have multiple viewpoints. It will help you in maintaining a balanced approach while answering in interview.

What to read in a Newspaper

It is advisable to give emphasis to the following:

  • Any news related to your region, city and state.
  • Articles which have been there in the news the most.
  • Finance and Economic section
  • Topics which are important for common people and are related to the economic development of the country.
  • Any news related to your optional subject.
  • Any news related to your hobby.
  • Any news related to your current profession if you are working.

List down all important topics from the news related to above mentioned areas and prepare sufficiently about them.

Reading a Magazine

Apart from newspaper, reading a relevant magazine can also be a great source for nourishing your knowledge and understanding.

An aspirant can read a few of the following magazines:

  1. Yojana
  2. Kurukshetra
  3. Down to Earth
  4. Frontline
  5. Economic and Political Weekly

What to read in a Magazine

You must read the articles related to:

  • Current issues that need a broader understanding. Magazine contains the viewpoints of experts related to a particular field and reading this helps in developing an unbiased opinion.
  • Your Profession, hobby and interests that youhave mentioned in your Detailed Application Form (DAF).
  • Your educational background.

UPSC Interview is all about your personality which is reflected by your level of awareness and your attitude of observing things around with an unbiased opinion.

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