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‘The Big Bird’,India’s Most Powerful Satellite, Launched Successfully

ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Organization) GSAT-11 satellite, called the “Big Bird ” was effectively propelled into space today from the French space port of Kourou in South America. The satellite, propelled at 2.07 am (IST), will help give satellite-based web to remote spots where link based web can’t reach. The satellite, weighing 5,854 kg, is the heaviest Indian-made hardware that the office put into its circle.

This dispatch was the second endeavor after ISRO’s initial lunch slumped in May recently and was put into space on its 102nd flight, the Ariane 5 rocket. Satellite is sound after the lunch, ISRO confirmed.

“GSAT-11 is the cutting edge high throughput correspondence satellite that can perform a crucial job in giving broadband administrations the nationwide. It will likewise give a stage to exhibit new age uses,” Dr K Sivan, ISRO head said.

The “Big Bird”  is estimated to cost about Rs. 600 crore. The ariane-5 heavyweight rocket was employed from Arianespace by ISRO. The satellite is relied upon to have a life expectancy of 15 years.

The satellite web, which the GSAT-11 will give, will help in giving web network in flights in India.  

The GSAT-11 is identical to the joined intensity of all correspondences satellites sent into space by India. A specialist disclosed to media that the satellite resembles a heavenly body of 30 traditional circling satellites.

India has employed the French Ariane-5 rocket as it can overwhelming payload into space. India’s own geosynchronous satellite dispatch vehicle MK iii or GSLV MK iii can pull satellites that weighs up to 4 tons.

Alongside its three kin, GSAT-19, GSAT-29 and GSAT-20, the satellite will be a “distinct advantage for giving web access and information correspondences for India and will help the advanced India program. Dr Sivan includes.

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