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UPSC CSE- 2020 Kickstarting Your Preparation For UPSC CSE- 2020

A SET BLUEPRINT TO SUCCEED IN UPSC??? Well, Think Again……!!!!!! If you go through the internet, YouTube specifically…….. You will find numerous videos which deals with strategies to prepare for UPSC CSE-2020. But, is there any full proof strategy to get that coveted post..?? The answer will vary. Each aspirant has its own set of […]

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UPSC Preparation Guide Chinks in Your Armory – Mistakes to Be Avoided During UPSC Preparation

UPSC is a game of ‘Fine Margins’. Ask any so called seniors of the field i.e. who have appeared in the exams more than 2-3 times and they will tell you what fine margins mean!!!! Even a difference of very few marks can deduct your name out from the Merit List. The exam demands a […]

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Things No one Told You about Negative Marking in UPSC AND How to Avoid Them

Civil Services Preliminary Exam is really challenging and needs thorough preparation, practice and proper guidance. In preliminary exam, the question booklet provided is of many pages and consist 100 questions. GS (General Studies) paper- 1 takes 80 marks and CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) paper-2 takes 20 marks. All the questions in paper 1 and […]

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Which Newspapers and Magazines to read and how to read for UPSC Interview preparation

A civil service aspirant must be aware about the important current issues and happenings in India and around the world. Newspaper is the most important and relevant source to get information and in depth knowledge about current affairs. Newspaper reading is important for Prelims as well as Mainsand it becomes all the more significant while […]

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