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India Corruption Survey: Incidents of bribery in the country declined by 10%

According to the latest India Corruption Survey carried out in 20 states, Incidents of bribery in the country have reduced by 10 per cent since last year.

People in Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, West Bengal, Kerala, Goa and Odisha reported low instances of corruption, while Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Punjab had higher occurrences of corruption, as stated in the survey. Cash is still the primary mode to pay bribes.

The ‘India Corruption Survey 2019’, received almost 1, 90,000 responses from people in 248 districts, stated that 51 per cent Indians paid bribe in the last 12 months. The survey was conducted in and around the country by Transparency International India (TII) and the Local Circles. India’s ranking in the Corruption Perception Index 2018, released by TII, has improved three places compared to last year and now, the country’s standing is 78 among 180 nations.

35% of the respondents upon asking had admitted to have given cash as bribe in the past one year to get their work done. Bribery still continues in Government offices despite the installation of CCTV cameras and heavy computerization. The highest number of bribery incidents was reported in terms of property registration and land issues.

The survey also shows that most state governments have been unable to take concrete and effective steps to reduce corruption. The percentage of citizens who felt that no effective steps have been taken was 48 per cent, the survey stated.

As per the Prevention of Corruption Act 2018, giving a bribe is an offence upto seven years of imprisonment or fine or both.

About TII:
Transparency International India (TII) is a leading non political, independent, non-governmental anti-corruption organization of India. TII has extensive expertise and understanding of issues of corruption in India.

It aims to create a corruption-free India, so that the poor do not lose their voice to corruption and to lead and support a committed effort to improve transparency and accountability by eradicating corruption through widening of knowledge and catalyzing action.

The Parent Organization, Transparency International is an international non-governmental organization based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1993 by a group of individuals who decided to take up a stance against corruption, today from villages in rural India to the corridors of power in Brussels, Transparency International gives voice to the victims and witnesses of corruption. The Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International is the most widely used indicator of corruption worldwide.

SOURCE: Economic Times,

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