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Health Ministry to Observe Vigilance Awareness Week

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is going to observe the ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ from 28th October to 2nd November 2019 in regards to directions given by the Central Vigilance Commission and Government of India.

The theme of vigilance awareness this year is “Integrity – A Way of Life”.

The Central Vigilance Commission aims to promote integrity, transparency and accountability in public life. As a part of its efforts to promote probity in public life and to achieve a corruption free society, CVC observes the ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ every year. This observance creates greater awareness among the public and encourages all the stakeholders to collectively participate the prevention and fight against corruption.

During the campaign, various activities like public interaction for redressal of their grievances, usage of generic medicines, surprise inspections, conducting seminar, workshops and debates among students, and other vigilance related awareness activities will be carried out in sync with the theme of the year. These activities are aimed to sensitize the officers and staff to remain vigilant and transparent in their work in order to eradicate corruption from all spheres of life.

The Vigilance Awareness Week will commence with the administration of ‘Integrity Pledge’ to the officers/staff of the Ministry by the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, to fight against corruption and commit to highest standards of honesty and integrity. It is also proposed to award prizes to winners of the competitions to be conducted by this Ministry.

About Central Vigilance Commission
Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is an apex Indian governmental body created in 1964 to address governmental corruption. It has the status of an autonomous body, free of control from any executive authority, charged with monitoring all vigilance activity under the Central Government of India, advising various authorities in central Government organizations in planning, executing, reviewing and reforming their vigilance work.

It was set up by the Government of India Resolution on 11 February 1964, on the recommendations of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption, headed by Shri K. Santhanam Committee, to advise and guide Central Government agencies in the field of vigilance.

The Annual Report of the CVC not only gives the details of the work done by it but also brings out the system failures which lead to corruption in various Departments/Organizations, system improvements; various preventive measures and cases in which the Commission’s advises were ignored etc.


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