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Countdown to UPSC Mains 2019 – Last Minute Preparation Tips

GS 1, 2, 3 …………Check….!!!!!!

Ethics ……Check……!!!!!!!

Essay ……Check……..!!!!!!!!

Optional …….Check……!!!!!!!!

What else….??????

The clock is ticking and we are down to last few days before the quest to get into the coveted merit list begins i.e. UPSC CSE MAINS 2019. Scheduled from 30th September, 2019, the papers included are designed to test the analytical, problem solving ability of the aspirants who aspire to become the future civil servants.

The exams ought to be difficult. But with sheer planning and proper execution, the so called UPSC stones can be unturned. There is no doubt that, by now you guys must have been well prepared enough to face the obstacles, still here are certain advices (calling it tips will be underestimating…..!!!!!) from our side which you may follow in these last few days and come out with flying colors:-

Get To Revisions, Nothing New Now….!!!
Whatever you have studied till now, be it static or current affairs portion, its high time you get them revised and imbibe in your minds. Else, all your efforts might become futile. Revise all the mains test series papers you have written No new topics should be sought after no apart from reading newspaper daily. Consolidate your notes in such a way that it can be revised inside one night during the exam phases because you will get very less time in between to exam dates.

Get To Revisions

Keep an eye on Language Papers
Last year UPSC MAINS exam saw many aspirants flunking the language papers. You might not want to be one of those unlucky. So, it is advisable although not much but keep a tab on language papers preparations as well. Try putting in atleast half an hour to it.

language paper

Time Management
By now, we hope you all must be able to cope up with the pressure of answering 20 questions within 3 hours. If not then, you are missing something in your armory. If your writing speed is slow, then practice inculcating maps, graphs, tables, flowcharts for each answer. In this way, you will require to write less but still be able to convey your views to the examiner.
On the hindsight, also try your mighty best to improve your writing speed.

Time Management

Go through Previous Year Papers
The previous year mains question papers atleast once and try to analyze the trend, the demand of UPSC. This is sure to give a cutting edge over fellow aspirants who do not perform the same.
The model answers will also give you an overview as how to construct a perfect answer. You might also want to have a look at our article “The Art of Answer Writing” for better understanding.

Go through Previous Year Papers

List and Learn Quotes
This is the best time to memorize certain quotes and sayings of great scholars to make their use in perfecting your answers to the best of your abilities. Prepare a list of various topics mentioned in the UPSC syllabus and quotes related to it which would be easier to commit to memory.

List and Learn Quotes

Keep Away from Negativities
The last month before exams commence is very crucial in terms of your selection to the coveted list. Prepare a detailed time table for your studies. Keep away from social media and related stuff as much as possible. Nothing negative thoughts should cross over your mind. Keep it busy and healthy.

Keep Away from Negativities

Stay Healthy
Hard work is very much required in this phase of preparation but not to the extent that you degrade your health. Well, what is the point in preparing this much hard, if you fall ill near to the exam?

So, take good care of your health, eat healthy food, have sufficient sleep, do certain stuffs which will help not to wear down during study hours like having a walk, talking to parents etc.

Stay Healthy

Be Prepared in all sense
Well, it is self-explanatory. We want you to be fully prepared to tackle the menaces of UPSC at any time. Get your admit card and other relevant documents printed and ready, well before time. If possible, pay a visit to your exam center once and identify places where you can spend your time peacefully between the exams. If leaving in far off places, getting your tickets booked on time. You should leave anything to the last minute.

Be Prepared in all sense

Rest assured, the need of the hour is to stay focus and keep calm in the face of pressure situations. We have made ourselves clear as to what you need to do in these last few days. Now it’s up to you to keep marching on and success is bound to be yours.

All the very best for the UPSC MAINS 2019…..!!!!!!

Think positive, Stay Healthy…!!!!!

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