VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY – Best IAS Coaching Institute in Odisha

Best IAS Coaching Institute in Odisha

“We don’t just prepare you for Civil Services- We write SUCCESS STORIES……”

VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY is a premier civil services coaching institute with pan India presence dedicatedly engaged in driving civil services aspirants towards success. It is fast growing as a hub of UPSC CSE coaching in Odisha as evident from its recent success at the ODISHA EDUCATION AWARDS 2019 where VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY was awarded as the ‘Best IAS Coaching Institute in Odisha’.

We at VAJIRAO strive for excellence, so we always look to enhance the capabilities of the students which keep them well prepared in accordance to UPSC trends. Every aspirant is important for us and depending upon their capacities we work on different strategies to get the best out of them.

The all round and holistic preparation also prepares the student to be ready for the rigors of OPSC and other competitive exams as well. We believe, with right guidance and proper strategy any exam can be cracked and we bet to be very specific about it. Our consistent result oriented performances year after year is a testimony to it.

UPSC is not a kind of exam where mugging up facts will suffice. It demands a crystal clear approach and understanding. Our study materials are designed and updated from time-to-time in lieu of prevailing trends of UPSC. They completely abide the prescribed UPSC syllabus. In a way the materials tend to ease up the workload of our students. The more they learn, the more they understand.

VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY provides a perfect platform where the aspirants not only prepare for the exams in the classroom rather a round the clock academic help is readily available. We are having a team of top notch faculty members who come from diverse fields and are well versed with the UPSC exam patterns. A significant understanding can only be nurtured with a significant relationship. You have a doubt, we will be there to demolish it…!!!!

Mere having a sound knowledge may not suffice unless and until it is presentable. That is why we lay great emphasis on answer writing for the aspirants. Presentation is an art which can only be acquired with consistency over a period of time. We also have a very dedicated team of academic associates who are always working on preparing up to the mark MAINS TEST SERIES and PRELIMS TEST SERIES. Our test series helps the aspirants widen their knowledge base and constantly nags them to stroll out of their comfort zone.

Hard work and determination are two key factors that can take you a step closer to success and eventually to its pinnacle. Equally important is which is imperative to beat the competition is your ‘Mentor’. The mentors can contribute wholesomely in making your dreams come true. They can increase your probability of getting your name in the RANK LIST. VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY can prove to be your perfect mentor. We have chucked out numerous success stories and will continue to do so in years to come. Who knows, next success story we will be writing can be yours….!!!!!!

It can be aptly argued that majority of the IAS COACHING INSTITUTES are more or less providing the same facilities, it is completely upto the aspirants to take the call by looking the real worth of any institute they tend to join. VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY treats all the aspirants equally and same attention is employed to anyone associated with us. The testimonial given by our successful candidates matches the claim. We can definitely assure you that with us being around, all your anxiety and excitement regarding the competitive world will be dealt off efficiently.


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