The Art of Answer Writing – UPSC Preparation Tips 2020

UPSC Preparation Tips 2020

Prelims done…!!!!! What next???

Yes, the UPSC juggernaut continues to roll and now stops at the UPSC mains examination.

The subjective part……The answer-writing…..!!!!!

For you to conquer this front of the battle, precise planning and preparation is required and perfecting answer-writing is a major strategy of it.

As per the UPSC notification, the UPSC CSE prelims 2020 is scheduled to be held on 31st May, 2020. On clearing the required cut off in the prelims, you will be eligible to appear for the UPSC mains exam consisting of 9 subjective papers. This is where you have to fight your skin out through you writing skills so as to proceed to the interview round. Writing a UPSC mains requires a lot of practice and analysis to perfect and please the examiner checking your answer sheet. Numerous candidates appear for the mains exam and the few standout answers make it to the next round.

So, how to stand out from the rest? How to make your answer look presentable?

Here, are few points and advices so as to make your answers catch the eyes of the examiner:-

First Thing, First- In-depth Study
This is the foremost thing you need to perform. You won’t want to find yourself at a point during the examination that you have no clue about certain questions. In such a scenario, you are straight out of the race.

To avoid this, you need to have a thorough understanding and a clear cut understanding of all the topics mentioned in the syllabus along with being well-versed with the current affair topics as well. The newspaper you refer can be handy. Try having a tab on the writing style of different editorials. So, in-depth study should be your first step for perfect answer writing.

Introduction and Conclusion
Every answer you write should start with a brief introduction about the topic to be discussed and the answer should be properly concluded containing the summary of what you wrote. It is advisable to keep your conclusion futuristic and as positive as possible.

Focus on Basics
Basics, here refers to a neat and clean handwriting, error-free spellings and simple yet grammatically correct sentences. A good handwriting might not be necessary but writing neatly pleases the examiner and you should not miss out. For your answers to be standout you need not apply Shashi Tharoor kind ornamental language (well, he is the best in this field)…… Small, simple sentences preferably error-free is the requirements to qualify.

Proper Structuring and Presentation
Consider answer-writing as an art…but you need not be Picasso of it!!!!!! It is well known that you won’t find enough time and space to complete your paper. The best way will be to make use of graphs, tables, maps, pie-charts, wherever possible. Be creative, be straight-to-point. Beating around the bush would not help. Try breaking down your answers into different sub-headings, small paragraphs and in point format wherever necessary.

See, what you have to do is to facilitate your examiner. A proper buffet, with all the dishes properly served will be highly appreciated…..!!!!!!!

Use of Quotations
Making use of quotes and sayings of the greats is highly appreciated. But make it a point not to use too many quotes in a particular answers. Such an approach will only hold good stead for the English Optional aspirants!!!!!! Adhering to the word limits is very important and so avoid using unnecessary words and jargons.

Be Genuine, Avoid Generalizations
Instead of mere replicating in the answers as you have mugged up try to write it in your own words. It does not relates anyway to inventing non-existent stuffs but neither should you leave back your creativity. Avoid making any kind of generalizations. Mention only those statements which you can substantiate with able facts.

Being Neutral
By the way, are you a BJP or Congress supporter????  Well, for you nothing should matter. Being a civil servant you are required to respect the decisions of the government of the day. So, try being neutral in your answers too. Your answers should in no way reflect your political alignments and avoid mentioning political statements as well.

Last Thing- Practice and Revisions
The habit of answer-writing should be inculcated very early in your preparations. Writing in your words, whatever you study will help you in the long run. Practice daily answer-writing at least for one question. Remember, it is only your perseverance which will help you sail through the choppy waters of UPSC.

Guess, we have made it pretty loud and clear as to what all to do write a perfect answers. Now its upto you to try and improve your skills bit-by-bit and come out the exams with flying colors.

So, get back to your drawing tables and get moving, a success story is waiting to be written. Be the writer…!!!!!!!

All the very best for your preparations!!!!!!!!!

Think Positive, Stay Healthy…..!!!!!!!

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