Kickstarting Your Preparation For UPSC CSE 2020



Well, Think Again……!!!!!!

If you go through the internet, YouTube specifically…….. You will find numerous videos which deals with strategies to prepare for UPSC CSE-2020. But, is there any full proof strategy to get that coveted post..??

The answer will vary. Each aspirant has its own set of plans in place to tackle the vagaries of UPSC. It is a sign that what worked for the toppers, might not work for you. So, it becomes imperative to devise your own strategy at your convenience to topple whatever obstacle comes your way.

Someone great rightly said….. “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. In this article, we will try to guide to devise your own set of plans based on the demands of UPSC. Although this a very simple and outright plan, do not stay back from adding your palate to the existing dish….!!!!

To begin with, we will be focusing on three phases of the UPSC preparation i.e. the pre-preparation phase, during and post preparation phases.

The Pre-Preparation Phase
During the starting phases of the preparation, the primary focus should on the prescribed UPSC syllabus, the most important document you will come across during the entire journey….!!!!!
The syllabus describes in detail what all things to study and what things not to study, a Guide.

Being well-versed with the syllabus, the next thing to be done is research for study materials, be it optionals, GS papers, CSAT etc. You may not buy 10 books for each subject, but just the standard books and the NCERTs. Choosing optional based on your interests is also important as this paper can prove detrimental in your selection. So, choose wisely…!!!!

Another conundrum can be whether to join a coaching institute or not. Now this is solely your call.

Now, as you have all the resources…set your time limits as to what subjects to complete when. The plan should be as simple as possible with ample time frames for some recreations too.
Preferably, be prepared with your optional paper, latest by January and then sole focus on the prelims part.

During Preparation
“Well begun is half done?” The famous quote says. Only planning without execution nothing short of waste.

Start reading from the basic books, the NCERTs and then move on to the standard prescribed book list you can also refer to our Class notes for more in-depth understanding of the relevant subject matter, prepare your own notes as well.

Make it habit to read the newspaper regularly. Making note out of it, solely depends upon your convenience.  Practice answer writing on a daily basis and slot a good amount of your time to revise what all you study as well.

Interacting with fellow aspirants, peers and friends also help in obtaining a broader perspective and frame a secular on burning topics. What is to be avoided is distractions..!!!! You can afford to stay from social media and all those things which keep you way from studies for that elusive post. Can’t you????

Post Preparation
This phase in my opinion ought to be the most difficult, unless you clear out of the exam in the very first attempt. But, what if not?

One the results are out, there will be numerous heartbroken and inconsolable aspirants who might start doubting their own capabilities. But this is the time where you need to take a step back and introspect as what went wrong during preparation. Once identified, elimination of the mistake starts, and there starts a new journey with renewed vigor to scale the summit.

It’s easier said than done, but trust me. This the best possible thing you can do keep your selection hopes alive!!!! “A stricken and defeated tiger is even more dangerous”, they say.

Hope, we are all clear with the things to the point. So, Folks what are you waiting for??? Get going, The Everest is all yours to conquer. Get your strategy right, start climbing.

All the very best for your UPSC Journey

Think Positive, Stay Healthy!!!!!!!

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