6 Things to Follow In the Period between UPSC Mains Exam and Results

6 Things to Follow In the Period between UPSC Main

The time period between the completion of UPSC Mains Written Examination and the publication of the result turns out to be one of the most frustrating and restless phase of your UPSC preparation. Barring a handful, not many will be sure as to what is in store for them in the results. More so, because of the unpredictable nature of UPSC, one cannot be 100% sure of sailing through. Negative thoughts start to creep in, as in if not, then what?

One, even starts believing in facts that his/her career is going nowhere. But, the larger picture says it’s all natural. Every serious UPSC aspirant tends to feel the same way. The need of the hour is to manage yourself well in this crucial period and not get carried away with irrelevant things.

Here, some of the advices and suggestions which you can follow, if you are a part of this phase:

    The toils you have been through in last few months during your IAS Coaching in Delhi demand for a well-deserved vacations/holiday. Go out with your friends and families. Spend quality time away from stress. Do stuffs which you love the most. But not for long, a 7-10 break should be enough to rejuvenate.
    Meditation can be the best solutions to manage your restlessness. It will help you keep calm and composed during this period. Moreover, you can start little workout as well. This is will you be in good shape by the time UPSC interviews are schedule. Get rid of those fats a bit…!!!
    Once you are done with the honeymoon period its time that you get back to the grind. The ‘Battle’ is not over yet, one more front remains to be conquered i.e. It is advisable to get back to your Hindu and Indian express. This is the best possible way to keep yourself occupied and productive in this time frame because going back to books will be tedious.Newspapers will not only help you get ready for the interviews but god forbid if unfortunately you miss out on this attempt, you still will be prepared to tackle the next prelims convincingly.

    Remember only one thing: “Every successful and happy person in life is not an IAS Officer”. UPSC is not the end.

    It is a golden time utilizing which you can pursue your hobby as you are sure to encounter such relevant questions in the interview. If you are into the habit of reading, get your hands onto some the best non-fiction books. If you follow sports, get to know everything about your favorite game, player, and team (eg: know about what is ‘The Hundred’ tournament in cricket).
    This is also the phase when you are sure to encounter unconfirmed rumors from various discussion forums speculating about cut-offs, result dates etc. IAS coaching in Delhi have spurred up a lot online forums who, without credible information tend to indulge in long conversations and discussions. Involving in such forums will only add up to your anxiety. UPSC is a deeply guarded institution and leakage is highly unlikely. It’s better to stay away and rather give UPSC its own time.
    It is very important to keep in mind that the UPSC is like a Cricket Test Match and not a T-20. Keep your patience in these 70-75 days. Do not overthink. If you have been to IAS coaching, appeared the exams, cleared prelims, studied tirelessly and wrote the mains exam. Whatever was in hand, you have already done that. No point in loosing sleeps over what more could have been done. The period is more about utilizing the time to fine tune yourself before the final battle.

It is pretty clear that you cannot do much in this time period apart from sticking to things which will keep you involved. Try to make it productive. Work on your DAF form, hobby, work towards building a fit body etc. The days following the completion of written examinations are bound to be wrong. But this is where you can be smart enough to try and get back to the drawing table, chalking out plans for the upcoming months. These things are sure to keep yourself ahead in the race.

Just be patient…and wait for the results. Hardwork is bound to pay rich dividends.

All the very best….!!!!

Think positive….. Stay Healthy….!!!!

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