5 Tips to Prepare For CSAT in UPSC CSE 2020


Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT is a part of the UPSC Prelims Examination officially included as the General Studies Paper 2 (GS-2). Since 2015, the paper has been made qualifying in nature i.e. you need to score atleast 33% out of the allotted 200 marks in order to clear the paper. 33% or approx. 67 marks out of 200….sounds easy!!!! Well, it is, but you can never trust the unpredictability of UPSC.

It is advisable and also better to prepare wholeheartedly for the CSAT paper also so that you can tackle whatever UPSC throws at you. In this article we will see as how the aspirants can deal with the CSAT paper during their preparation:

Preparation for the CSAT paper is very simple. Just go through the last 5 years CSAT question papers, analyze and practice it in a time constrained environment (better). This single thing is enough to make sure that you qualify the paper with ease.

But still there is no harm in having a look at some of the tips and strategies you can adopt for your preparation:

  1. Never ever take the CSAT paper lightly:
    You will find many instances of aspirants who are hopeful of getting 120+ marks in the prelims GS-1 paper, flunk the csat paper and are left to rue their missed opportunity. Don’t be one such. Give importance to the csat paper and try building on it throughout the preparation phase.
  2. Evaluate Yourself:
    This is the best thing you can do. Try attempting the previous year papers and analyze for yourself where you stand.If you score high then your csat preparation can wait until the last 45 days of the preliminary exam date and if otherwise, it would be wiser that you start devoting atleast half an hour for the paper daily.
  3. Adhere to only a Single Source:
    Remember, the CSAT paper is only qualifying in nature. Refer and practice only one single source which you can rely upon. No point in piling up books. For that matter Vajirao IAS Academy Class Notes will also prove handy. Make a list of the topics on which questions are asked frequently asked and get it completed.
  4. Practice CSAT Test Papers Before Exam:
    Practice atleast 5 CSAT papers in the Test Series before the actual exam this will keep you freshly prepared to appear the paper. VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY is coming up with the test series i.e. VIAPTS 2020. Get registered and avail excess to 5 CSAT Test (3 Sectional + 2 Full Length) apart from 30 other Fundamental, Revision and Full Length Tests.
  5. Do Not Panic in the Exam:
    That’s the cardinal rule. Do not panic in the examhall. You have 80 questions in your hand, for a perspective you need not attend more than 50 questions. Take your time, stay calms and mark the answers. As it is only a qualifying paper, no one is going to judge your competency in terms of this paper.

Put things for a conclusion, let us not forget some of the important things required to ace the exam – hardwork, practice, patience, perseverance and motivation. The more you keep in touch with the CSAT paper, the better. But see to it that you do not stretch yourself. Focus on particular topics and that must suffice for you to qualify.

Vajirao IAS Academy Prelims Test Series 2020 is going to be launched soon. Get ready to enroll and test yourself as per the UPSC standards.

Stay tuned for further updates… All the very best with your preparation..!!!…Think Positive…Stay Healthy..!!!!

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