30 Days to D-Day Last Month Preparation Tips for UPSC Mains Test Series

UPSC Mains Test Series

Just around 30 days remain between you and the door to enormous success. The D-day is round the corner. 20th September 2019 is the date for UPSC MAINS EXAM to commence. The last month becomes very crucial as far as your preparations are concerned. All your hard work boils down to these 5-7 days of the mains exam.  

It may not be the perfect time to roam around seeking for advices but as you get ready for the battle here are few more ammunition needed to be kept intact in your armory.

Consolidate your Revisions
It’s high time that you buck up yourself and start revising your notes. No point in wasting time reading new topics instead consolidate the ones you have already studied. Many aspirants who don’t revise properly tend to easily forget things which they have read also. Revise all your GS papers one after another along with your optional.

Current Affairs
Do not try to mug up all the year long’s current affairs. Be smart and choose topics selectively based on the previous trends of question papers. Current Affairs are important tools to elaborate and authenticate your answers. Not reading new topics was meant for the static portions only but current affairs be continued till the very end.

Previous Year Papers
Revising previous year papers gives you a proper insight as to what UPSC demands and you should be right there with your answers. Practice as many question papers as possible of last 5-10 years. Devoting more time towards it will definitely enhance your answer writing skills.

Don’t Forget Essays
The Essay paper apart from the optional papers are rank determining factors in the MAINS exam. Gaining good marks here will go a long way in boosting your rank. Aspirants with good writing skills tend to ignore the paper. Examiners pay great attention not only to the language but also keep an eye on the ideas, structuring and the write-up. So you might not want to miss a chance to impress the examiners…!!!!

Mock Tests
By now most of you may be indulged in different MAINS TEST SERIES. It will give a detailed idea of the probable question and an opportunity to get your answers checked by the experts. Do make a point to revise atleast once the answers you have written in the test series. Who knows, god may be kind enough on you and you get almost similar questions in your mains exam as well..!!!!

Last but, as all say not the least, it’s not the time either to panic or look back as to what more you could have done. Harboring self- doubt at this crucial juncture may restrict your best performance. Perhaps it’s the time where the journey of a successful Bureaucrat takes a new turn. All you need right now is keep yourself calm and composed.

So think positive and stay healthy!!!!!!!

All the very Best!!!!

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