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6 Tips Regarding Prelims Test Series 2020 for Beginners

UPSC CSE is one of the toughest exam in the country. Every year lakhs of candidates aspiring to be future bureaucrats, appear for the exam. Taking the decision to prepare and appear the exam is in itself a very ‘Big Decision’. Succeeding in the exam requires a lot of things apart from sheer hardwork and determination. These include proper study materials, guidance, test series, coaching for optionals etc. For beginners, it is important to know about what all to follow and selecting UPSC Prelims Test Series is among the trickiest thing of the lot.

By the month of October or latest by November, all the Delhi based IAS Coaching Institutes are ready with their annual Prelims Test Series. These test series tend to test the candidate’s in depth knowledge on both static and dynamic portions. Question being prepared in both the languages i.e. Hindi and English, they serve well to replicate the standards of the UPSC exam pattern Well, they are no compare to the actual prelims exam but by far, the best way to prepare for the ultimate.

So, here in this article, we will try and analyze all the important things and pointers, an aspirant should consider before going for test series in the quest for UPSC CSE 2020:

  1. First Thing First, Syllabus Completion:
    Even thinking about appearing for test series before completion of the syllabus will be foolish. What’s the point in appearing the papers when you are not sure that which question belong to which portion of the syllabus. The best thing to do would be to take time and complete the syllabus atleast once. Finish the basic books then you will be able to enrich yourself with the test series.
  2. Judicious Selection of Test Series:
    Almost all of the coaching institutes come up with their own Prelims Test Series. More or less the standard of the question papers is same for all the institute. Our advice will be to not fall for the big names. Stick to any one of the institute’s paper. Have a look at our test series VIAPTS 2020 (Vajirao IAS Academy Prelims Test Series 2020) as well.
  1. Follow the Schedule:
    Every test series is designed with a set schedule. Do make it a point to follow the dates religiously. The schedules are designed in such a way that there is ample gap in between two tests. Use the time and prepare accordingly. This will on one hand help you streamline your preparation and you will also be able to revise the topics systematically.
  2. Give Proper Time to Analysis:
    The test series questions are provided with answers and explanations. Once done with a test, take some time to go through the explanations and analyze your weak portions from it i.e. the questions which you marked wrongly. If possible, make separate notes from it.
  3. Do Not Overthink, It’s not the actual exam:
    Test series are not the actual prelims exam, these are practice tests only. It is advisable either not to get too excited when you score high or not to get bogged down with low scores. Just keep your focus and try to improve with each tests. Avoid making similar mistakes. Keep in mind the negative markings, while attempting the tests.
  4. Be Honest to Yourself:
    Try attempting any test series paper in the stipulated time and in a disciplined manner. Be honest to yourself with the results. Nothing changes whether you score big or small in these papers, just use the opportunity to improve yourself and achieve the ultimate dream of making it to LBSNAA.

The Test series can be appeared both in online and offline modes. Both have its own pros and cons. While online test series are very organized where you can access any test anywhere, keep the tests recorded, the offline test series on the other hand provides you with a more controlled environment and a feel of the actual exam. But the choice solely rests on your convenience.

The Prelims Test Series are in a way, a mirror to your preparation. The way your preparation is going will be reflected in your performance in the test series. Almost all the successful candidates you may come across will advise you to practice you to more and more number of practice mock sets.

Attempting more mock tests are sure to give you an edge over your counterparts. It is no way the case that similar questions will get repeated in the actual exam but these tests are sure to keep you on your toes. Although being a beginner, if the thought of attempting mock test series have crossed your mind, then you are surely on the right track. After all, the questions you prepare, the more you can negate the chances of negative marking in the actual paper. Give it a thought and get going straight away.

With the importance of UPSC Prelims Mock Test Series duly recognized, VAJIRAO IAS ACADEMY is gearing up to start their own UPSC Prelims Test Series 2020 i.e. VIAPTS 2020. Tests being prepared by highly experienced faculties and supported by an equally dedicated backroom staff, the test series is bound to provide you with maximum benefits in the upcoming UPSC CSE 2020.

Stay tuned for further updates on VIAPTS 2020…!!!!

Till then….Think Positive….Stay Healthy..!!!

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