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47th Indian Navy Day Observed

On December 4, 2018, the 47th Indian Navy day was celebrated across the country to commemorate the role and achievements of the naval force in India.

On this propitious occasion, the Indian Naval Forces exhibited an acrobatic skills show with an Army helicopter in the Island of Rameswaram. The acrobatic show was organized at the Dhanushkodi beach, which is located on the slope of Rameswaram Island, Tamil Nadu.

Sunil Lamba, the Navy Chief Admiral on the occasion of Indian Navy Day, said that “Indian Navy is the supreme security provider in the region of Indian Ocean. 44 piracy attempts have been thwarted and 120 pirates have been apprehended by Indian Navy till date.

3440 ships with over 25000 mariners on board have been escorted safely by 70 Indian naval warships that have been deployed since 2008.

President of India leads the Indian Navy, which is a branch of Indian Armed Forces. President acts as the commander-in-chief.

Why Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December?

On 4th of December Navy day is celebrated every year to celebrate the success of Indian Navy under operation Trident on Karachi Harbour thru the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

The Navy sank 4 vessels near Karachi harbor, which is the largest Pakistani port, destroyed the harbor fuel fields and killed 500 Pakistani Navy personnel, leading to the success of operation Trident.

Three missile boats of Indian Navy – INS Nipat, INS Nirghat, and INS Veer played a essential role in the outbreak. INS Veer ablaze its first missile onto Pakistani vessel Muhafiz, a minesweeper, sinking it with the whole crew. This caused in the first use of anti-ship missiles in the county.

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