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12 Potential Astronauts Selected for Gaganyaan Mission

As many as 12 potential crew members have been selected for India’s first manned mission to space ‘Gaganyaan’ by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The Indian Air Force (IAF) is coordinating with ISRO to look and monitor the aspects of spacecraft design including life support systems, capsule design and aviation medical cell ensuring that ISRO is successfully meeting the required objectives.

The 12 members selected from IAF as potential astronauts for the mission and seven of them have been sent to Russia for training. The remaining selected members would receive training at Russia, once the first batch is back. Four out of the total will be selected as astronauts after a multi-step stages and process. However, only one or atmost two of them will be the chosen for India’s first manned space mission.

December 2022 has been set as the deadline for the launch of Gaganyaan by ISRO.

The ‘Gaganyaan Mission’:

  • The Gaganyaan mission is India’s first manned mission to space in which ISRO is planning to send 3 Indians into the orbit for a seven day journey. The entire mission is being indigenously designed and built.
  • The first phase of astronaut selection for the mission has been completed. This process is being supervised by the Indian Air Force at the Institute of Airspace Medicine.
  • An estimated 10 thousand crore rupees is being spent by the Central Government to make the mission to successful.

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