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11th Nuclear Energy Conclave Organised in New Delhi

Union Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region, Ministry of State (PMO), Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Ministry of Atomic Energy and Space came together to inaugurate the 11th Edition of the Nuclear Energy Conclave 2019 in New Delhi. The theme for the programme was “Economics of Nuclear Power-Innovation towards Safer and Cost Effective Technologies”. It was organized by the Indian Energy Forum (IEF).

Key Highlights of the Conclave

  • The conclave comprised of 3 technical sessions on different themes including:
  1. ‘Growth of Nuclear Power for Meeting Base Load Demands – Opportunities and Challenges for Manufacturing Industries’.
  2. “Use of Nuclear Energy in Healthcare and Municipal Waste Treatment”, and
  3. “Emerging Technologies for Economy and Enhanced Safety viz, Small and Medium-size reactors, Passive Safety Reactors, Molten Salt Reactors”.
  • During the conclave, a “Hall of Nuclear Energy” was opened in New Delhi with a view to educate the students and the general public about the applications of nuclear energy.
    A Nuclear Plant to be setup in Gorakhpur, Haryana was also announced.
  • The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) is working towards the implementation of flagship Government programmes with Tata Memorial Centre being the first to shift to cashless transactions.

About Indian Energy Forum

  • It is a unique, independent, not-for-profit, research organization and represents energy sector as a whole. It is manned by highly qualified and experienced energy professionals committed to evolving a national energy policy covering nuclear, coal, hydro, thermal, oil and gas, renewables etc.
  • The Forum’s mission is development of a sustainable and competitive energy sector, promoting a favorable regulatory framework, establishing standards for reliable and safety, ensuring an equitable deal for consumers, producers and the utilities, encouraging efficient and eco-friendly development and use of energy and developing new and better technologies to meet the growing energy needs of the society.
  • Its membership includes all the key players of the sector including NTPC, NHPC, Power Grid Corporation, Power Finance Corporation, Reliance Energy, Unocal, and Alstom and over 100 highly respected energy experts.
  • It works closely with various chambers and trade associates including Bombay Chamber, Bengal Chamber, Bangalore Chamber, Madras Chamber, Maratha Chambers (Pune), PHD Chamber, Observer Research Foundation, IRADE, INWEA, Indian Coal Forum, and FIPI.

Way Forward
The world is passing through the challenge of a difficult energy transition – a transition to New Energy economy by moving away from fossil fuels to cleaner sources like Nuclear and Renewables. The quest for cleaner environment – free of greenhouse gases – is the main driver of this transition. The Renewables like solar, wind, biomass will play major role in future energy economy but the global scale at which energy is required would be missing. In real world, there is no credible path to bulk, base load energy needs and climate stabilization imperative that does not include substantial role for Nuclear Power. For the last nine years, this annual conclave has been deliberating the issues and challenges impacting the civil Nuclear Sector in depth and highlighting to government and other stakeholders the road map for future developments.

SOURCE: PIB, IEF website

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